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Dr. Ravi N. Samy, MD, FACS

Reviews of Dr. Ravi Samy taken from SuperPages.com

Review by: rbosborne


Everyone deserves the kind of care provided by Dr. Ravi Samy. I had heard many positive comments about him before my first appointment and therefore my expectations were high — he did not disappoint. No doctor is going to sit down, hold your hand, and invite you to pour your heart out. But Dr. Samy manages to convey his utmost concern for you in the short time you have with him. He is so interested in his patients’ welfare that he provides his email and instructs the patient to contact him with any questions or concerns. I did email him a few times and was happy with his responses. No other doctor has provided this level of accessibility to me. I believe I received the best care possible from Dr. Samy for my Cochlear Implant, and I especially appreciated his warm and approachable demeanor.