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Cochlear implants allow grandfather to hear again

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Terrific article about how a grandfather gained his hearing back with Cochlear Implants.

DRY RIDGE, Ky. (WKRC) – A family in northern Kentucky says they have yet another reason to celebrate this holiday season as they recently got a great gift back.

Like most kids, the Courtneys’ grandkids can’t wait for Christmas. But this year they are especially excited. For the first time, thanks to an ear, nose and throat team at UC Health, they are getting to share the holiday and the sounds of the season with their whole family, including their grandparents.

Debbie and Jerry Courtney have been married 42 years, but the last few have seen more difficulty in communication.

“We had gotten to the point that we didn’t really talk to each other very much because I had to yell when I talked to him,” said Debbie.

The kids weren’t really talking to Jerry anymore either.

Read the entire article from local12.com / WKRC Cincinnati HERE.


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