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Cochlear implants allow grandfather to hear again

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Terrific article about how a grandfather gained his hearing back with Cochlear Implants.

DRY RIDGE, Ky. (WKRC) – A family in northern Kentucky says they have yet another reason to celebrate this holiday season as they recently got a great gift back.

Like most kids, the Courtneys’ grandkids can’t wait for Christmas. But this year they are especially excited. For the first time, thanks to an ear, nose and throat team at UC Health, they are getting to share the holiday and the sounds of the season with their whole family, including their grandparents.

Debbie and Jerry Courtney have been married 42 years, but the last few have seen more difficulty in communication.

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Introducing the SYNCHRONY EAS Hearing Implant System

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The Power of Two

MED-EL is excited to announce that the new SYNCHRONY EAS Hearing Implant System will be available beginning Monday, December 5, 2016. Below are the SYNCHRONY EAS System brochure and updated SYNCHRONY/PIN Surgical Guidelines.

The SYNCHRONY EAS System consists of the SONNET EAS Audio Processor and the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant. EAS, or Electric Acoustic Stimulation, is the combination of two types of technology. The system uses a cochlear implant to electrically stimulate the high frequencies and an acoustic unit to amplify the low frequencies. EAS is designed specifically for candidates with high-frequency hearing loss, but who also have existing low-frequency hearing levels they might be afraid to lose. Candidates with this type of hearing loss often use hearing aids but have difficulty understanding speech in background noise. The EAS clinical study showed that 92% of participants reported an improvement in their ability to hear in background noise.

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Caring Partners International Fundraiser

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We’re really excited to let you know that we’re a part of the Cincinnati Gives Challenge. It’s a fundraising campaign launched by Cincinnati Magazine where organizations in the greater Cincinnati area compete to raise the most money with the top team winning a grand prize cash donation of $15,000.

It starts on November 29th at 12pm ET and a total of $30,000 will be given away to organizations in the Challenge. The organization that raises the most will receive a $15,000 donation. Second will receive $6,000 and third will receive $3,000. We’re ready to raise as much money as we can so we can win the $15,000 grand prize donation.

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Use of the Laser in Cochlear Implant Surgery

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The following blog was published on 11/1/2016 on the Institute for Cochlear Implant Training’s website.

11/1/2016 – By Dr. Ravi Samy, MD, FACS


In otology/neurotology, the LASER has been described for use in treatment of acoustic neuromas, cholesteatomas, and stapes surgery.1-4 A wide variety of LASERs exist for otologic use; however, the most commonly used are the carbon dioxide (CO2), potassium-titanyl phosphate (KTP), and argon LASERs. Each of these LASERs has their strengths and weaknesses with surgeons preferring one or the other based on cost, ease of use (i.e., flexible fiber vs. micromanipulator), wavelength, and interaction with tissue. What is less commonly discussed is use of the LASER in cochlear implant (CI) surgery. 

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Learn More About Bionic Ear Association – 10/6/16

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Take the next steps to better hearing with Advanced Bionics!

Are you a candidate for a cochlear implant who is interested in learning about new technology from Advanced Bionics?


Are you an AB recipient who would like to learn how to take full advantage of the technology and accessories your Advanced Bionics system has to offer?

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Kanso™ Hidden….The Joy of Hearing Found

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The following is an excerpt from a letter sent by Cochlear Americas to various clinical partners regarding their product.

Cochlear is pleased to announce regulatory approval of the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Kanso™ Sound Processor.

The Kanso Sound Processor (CP950) is a whole new way to hear from Cochlear. It is an offthe‐ear, all‐in‐one sound processor that is the smallest and lightest in its class. Easy to use and incorporating the same smart technology as the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 sound processor, the Kanso sound processor provides the same hearing experience as a behind‐the‐ear sound processor in quiet and noise.*1

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Acoustic Neuroma Association – Cincinnati Support Group Patient Education Event 10/22/16

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Please plan to join us for this special educational opportunity. We welcome you to learn about the latest treatment options, network with other acoustic neuroma patients and find encouragement and support.

DATE: Saturday, October 22, 2016

MEETING TIME: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246

The 2016 Midwest Regional Brain Tumor Conference
Presented by UC Brain Tumor Center
Acoustic Neuroma Breakout Session at 10:45 a.m.
Presented by Joseph Breen, MD, Ravi Samy, MD, Mario Zuccarello, MD and Luke Pater, MD

We invite you to attend this free educational event for patients, families and caregivers. You must register by October 18, 2016.
Call 513-584-8642 or REGISTER ONLINE HERE.
Donations accepted.


Earlens Hearing Aid

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We are one of the few providers in the United States offering this new device. All information below taken from www.earlens.com

Earlens Hearing Aids

Other hearing aids use a small speaker to amplify sounds. The Earlens Hearing Aid uses light and a small lens placed on your eardrum to directly activate your natural hearing system. The result is rich, complete sound that the vast majority of people find makes it easier to understand people in noisy environments and participate in group situations.*

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Dr. Samy Seeing Increase Of Tinnitus In Young Adults

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From the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute

Article by Cindy Starr – July 22, 2016

This time the canary in the coal mine is a buzzing or ringing sound in your teenager’s ears. It’s called tinnitus, and it is likely a warning sign that damage is occurring because of too much exposure to too much noise.

Ravi Samy, MD, FACS, an otolaryngologist with the Neurosensory Disorders Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute, is seeing increasing numbers of young adults who are experiencing tinnitus.

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Acoustic Neuroma Support Group – June 6th, 2016

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Please plan to join us for the next meeting of your Acoustic Neuroma Support Group. We welcome you to learn about the latest treatment options, to network with other acoustic neuroma patients and find encouragement and support.

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Dr. Ravi Samy has been an otolaryngologist at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute and the director of the Skull Base Surgery Fellowship at the UC College of Medicine since 2005. He is also the director of the Adult Cochlear Implantation Program at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC), as well as an associate professor of Otolaryngology at the college. READ MORE>